We understand the real meaning of Marine grade plywood. It is not just a plywood which is made with PF resin but it is more than that. Manufacturing of marine grade ply need more attention and honesty than BWR grade plywood. MODAK EUREKA is a real definition of Marine grade plywood.

Made of selected hard wood veneers bonded with PF resin and specially treated in a vacuum pressure impregnation plant, MODAK EUREKA is boiling water proof and highly resistant to micro organisms, extreme climatic changes and alternate wetting and drying, humidity, termites, borers, insects, pests etc.

Hard wood veneers, high solid content resin and no gap assembly make MODAK EUREKA a perfect Marine Grade plywood with high nail holding capacity. It is ideal for applications like construction and repair of boats, barges, cooling towers, signboards, outdoor hoarding, portable cabins and shelters exposed to weather extremities, structural applications and premium Interiors & Exteriors applications.