How is MODAK Ply different from India's Top Brands?


MODAK Ply is manufactured with utmost care, by experience and passionate personnel, in highly efficient and accurate machineries. We personally monitor each and every process either it is raw materials purchase, manufacturing or dispatch of MODAK ply. Procurement of timber, Resin manufacturing, assembly of plywood and testing is managed by experts in their respective field.


A dedicated marketing person to be available as a company's representative in your town to look after sales and day to day activities.


A personal commitment by the company's management to fully support and interact with dealer/distributors.


A better brand, which quality is unmatched with any best brand in the country, is available in half of the price of India's top brands.


An advertising campaign on a national level basis through print, web and television. Brand is supported by proper outdoor promotion like hoarding, wall painting, and shop top glow sign etc. We support our brand sale with local newspaper insert, architect and carpenter meet.

We are... The No Compromise people…

Anurag Decorative Pvt Ltd, situated in Yamuna Nagar Haryana, is well known company for manufacturing No Compromise quality products. Our State of art manufacturing plant is equipped with latest machineries and technology. We always believe giving our customers not only quality products but even offering them best business relations and after sales service. The functions of company are all directed towards the common goal -"NO Compromise" in quality. We produce wide range of Plywood with brand name MODAK PLY, which is unparalleled in strength and durability. We always give utmost emphasis in Research and Development. We always aim to set the industry benchmark for quality, variety and service. We have a passion for perfection and we want to excel beyond expectations. Every satisfied customer adds to our strength is truly an award for our work. We do promise and ensure with confidence the person who buy our product will get the 100% value of their money.

What makes MODAK Ply exceptional?

MODAK ply is a result of our brilliant technical team which does not idle even after attaining the highest of qualities. They work tirelessly to ascertain and achieve something so that we maintain the competitive edge off other brands that float in the market. Manufactured with the utmost of care by selecting the right veneer, formulating Phenol Formaldehyde Synthetic Resin and with a special post manufacturing treatment applied to it, MODAK plywood is a new benchmark for the future. It is a premium brand of ours and we can proudly say it is the best that money can buy today because it is manufactured without any compromise.

Powered with HIT advantage

We have noticed that when plywood goes in the market then it is treated very roughly. Starting from unloading till the finish of woodworking and then by the user of the furniture. Plywood bears all the mishandling happens with its uses. So being a responsible manufacturer our technical team focused on the internal strength of plywood because only with the internal toughness, plywood can stand for years.

To strengthen the internal toughness of MODAK Ply we adopt all the possible methods during manufacturing and use better than the best raw materials.

MODAK PLY is manufactured with high density HARD WOOD veneer and bonded with HIGH SOLID CONTENT resin with EXTRA PRESSURE and TEMPERATURE to boost its internal toughness. An ADVANCE CATALYST is mixed with GLUE to prevent the hydrolysis process of polymerized resin between the core and panel, which gives an added advantage to increase the internal strength.

All the above practices during the MODAK Ply manufacturing make it tougher inside and we get a NO COMPROMISE ply with HIT advantage.

High nail holding capacity

15 ply construction for high density

Three Stage Treated Panel

Hard wood core and panel

Advance Catalyst Mixed Glue