Block Board Manufacturer

Modak Ply is recognized as Block Board Manufacturer in Yamunanagar, Haryana. We are the leading brand who is engaged in manufacturing the block boards of the top notch quality in the industry. Block Board Manufacturer; We have a specialized team of experts who works to make these block boards by using the superior quality raw material which is been sourced from the finest vendors.

Block Board Manufacturer

Pinewood Block Board Manufacturer

These pinewood Block boards are typically used for different interior and high value of items like wardrobe doors, cupboards, paneling, and partition walls. Pinewood Blockboard is generally used once there's a drawn-out piece of wood is needed that makes an article of furniture stiffer or and forestall it from bending. Whereas victimization Block board continuously pays attention that core of Block board runs length knowing to attain most strength.

Block board is commonly available in the following sizes in market
8ft X 4ft 7ft X 4ft 7ft X 3ft 6ft X 4ft 6ft X 3ft

We have Block board available in different thicknesses : 16 mm, 19 mm, 25 mm, 35 mm and 50 mm

Modakply focuses on quality control and maintained to make these block board. dimensional Blockboard has high stability and heavy mechanical properties and excellent screw holding capacity. Block Board Manufacturer; Block Boards usage in Roofing, fencing, other external applications, Doors, partitions, shelves, and other interior applications. Block Board Manufacturer in Haryana. We are satisfy the 1025 customers, and they rating us 4.2/5 Pinewood Block board Manufacturers.

  • High on strength
  • Uniform battens to avoid gap inside.
  • Smooth surface and resistant to termite
  • Indoor & Outdoor Usage
  • Dimensionally stable.
  • Proper thickness.
Block Board Manufacturer