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Modak Ply is the leading name of Flush Door Manufacturer & Supplier. We are engaged in the making of Flush Doors. We have a team of experts who are using the superior quality of natural wood to make the flush doors. We are making the flush door which enables the strong screw holding capacity. The flush doors are designed with the best lamination that helps in making the looks and surface of the flush doors appear lustrous.

The flush doors are made in the smooth surface finish on either side of doors. We are engaged in making the doors with a hollow space in between the two side flaps. We are manufacturing the doors in a cost-effective technology of advance level by our trained and professional minds. The material like cardboard etc. are filled in between the flaps which make them stronger. We are offering the doors in different options.


Solid core flush doors square measure one amongst the main kind of flush door and it's extremely popular. Wood that's employed in the solid core flush doors is especially onerous and mineral composition.

The breadth of this kind of flush doors should be over seven.5cm of stiles, prime, and bottom rails. totally different combos square measure used for the development of solid core flush doors like the cross band, MDF, laminated core, fibreboard, face wood veneer, etc. Solid core flush doors square measure factory-made by victimization timber wood for framing and onerous wood lipping is additionally necessary to supply for strength and sturdiness. The wide of wood lipping ought to be capable the thickness. to supply strength and sturdiness onerous wood lipping in conjunction with timber wood throughout the framework is completed. These doors square measure robust and significant in order that they principally used as exterior doors and it conjointly offers sound insulation.


As the name counsel Hollow core doors square measure hollow from within with supporting system principally honeycomb web. just like solid core flush door, framing of stiles, top, bottom, and intermediate rails ought to be over seven.5cm broad. however by fixing wood battens on the rails for filling space/gaps between stiles and rails. In Hollow core flush door, the thickness of plyboard ought to be forever additional six millimeters. These doors square measure lightweight in weight as compared to alternative sorts of flush doors however not as robust as solid core flush doors. We are one of the best quality Flush Door Manufacturer, Flush Door Manufacturer in Delhi, Yamunanagar, Flush Door Supplier


The cellular core flush door frames square measure created by fixing plyboard battens and that they don't seem to be but twenty-five millimeters wide. during this kind of doors, the thickness of plyboard should be forever over 3mm. Gluing, struggling, plyboard sheets and face veneers unbroken on each facet faces of a core is employed to arrange shutter of this kind of flush door.Our 345 clients are rating us 4.2/5 with their satisfy our products and services.

  • Conditioned doors
  • Warp and twist resistant.
  • 100% boiling water proof
  • High load bearing capacity
  • Extra lock rail for fittings
  • These are made cost effective.
  • These doors are made with a good screw holding capacity.
  • Smooth surface for lamination of MICA or veneer.
Flush Door Manufacturer in Delhi, Yamunanagar
Flush Door Manufacturer, Yamunanagar