New Zealand Pine Wood Flush Door

MODAK flush Doors square measure a large vary of premium borer-proof doors with HIT advantage. it's created with high solid content rosin and hardwood fame and high density battens. Modak Flush doors square measure conditioned to avoid warp or bending. These square measure well finished flush door with sleek surface for laminations. It offers dimensional accuracy and stability in varied humidness and features a high screw holding capability, high shock and buckling resistance.

MODAK Flush doors square measure 100 percent boiling-water proof.

Its oven seasoned stiles, rails and built Wood Solid Core square measure treated with preservatives to boost its natural sturdiness. From process of Phenol aldehyde rosin to BWP bonding of veneers and core woods, all square measure done underneath one roof - making certain excellent quality. Modak ply is one of the best quality New Zealand Pine Wood Flush Door.

  • Conditioned doors
  • Warp and twist resistant.
  • 100% boiling water proof
  • High load bearing capacity
  • Extra lock rail for fittings
  • Smooth surface for lamination of MICA or veneer.
New Zealand Pine Wood Flush Door
New Zealand Pine Wood Flush Door